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Calculate how many days of work you will save a year with Leão:

47 x 8 hour working days 

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Leão helps you

1. Direct bookings by your customer via your website

When finished booking, Leão automatically sends an email to you and the customer with the booking details.

ca. 5-10 minutes of time saved per customer

2. One click confirms the booking

You confirm the new booking in Leão and the customer automatically receives an email.

ca. 5-10 minutes of time saved per customer

3. Payment by the customer

When adding the payment, you can choose whether you want the customer to receive a payment confirmation.

ca 5 minutes of time saved per customer

4. Course schedule

Based on overviews and course lists your can instantly see which customer booked what for when.

ca 5 minutes of time saved per customer

5. Receipt for the customer

With one click the bill can be printed out as a PDF fot the customer.

ca. 5-10 minutes of time saved per customer

6. Accounting with tour operators

Automatic calculation of comission and monthly invoices for the travel agencies

ca 0-10 minutes of time saved per customer

7. Central products, services and prices

No more wrong prices and multiple pricelists. In Leão the products and prices are managed automatically. Once a price is changed, you simply add a new pricelist with an expiration date which is automatically transferred to your website, your booking mask and sent to travel agencies.

ca 1-5 hours per year saved

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